texting slang translator and chart

Texting slang goes by many names such as sms, textese, chatspeak, txtspk, txtk, texting language and txt talk. It is the English language slang or chat acronyms used in cell phones, instant messaging and social network sites.

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Use the texting slang translator tool below to find the definition of any text to slang or slang to text writings.

Common abbreviations


Word or phrase Abbreviation(s)
Account acc
Address addy
And n, an
Anticipate ntcp8
Age, sex, location Asl
At the moment atm
Be right back brb
Be back later bbl
Be back soon bbs
Because cuz, bcuz, bcz, bcos, bc, cos, coz or bcoz
Best friend or Boy friend bf or b/f
Best friend(s) for life bffl
Best friend(s) forever bff
Between btwn
By the way btw
Can't be arsed cba
Comment me back cmb (usually used for social networking sites)
Definitely def
Don't worry dw
Forever 4eva or 4evr
For your information fyi
Friend frend or frnd
Fuck you fuk u or f u
Girl friend gf
Got to go g2g or gtg
Have a nice day H.A.N.D.
Hold on hld on or h/o
Homework hw, hwk or hmwk
How are you hru
I don't care idc
I don't know idk
I do what I want idwiw
I love you ily, luv u, ilu, luv ya, or i <3 u
If I recall correctly or If I remember correctly iirc
In my opinion imo
In my humble opinion imho
Jokes jks
Just for laughs jfl
Just joking jj
Just kidding jk
Just to let you know jtlyk or j2luk
Know kno, knw or noe
Kiss my teeth kmt
Kiss my ass kma
Laugh out loud lol
Lots of love lol
Laughing my ass off lmao
Laughing my fucking ass off lmfao
Laughing quietly to myself lqtm
Laugh out loud (multiple times) lollies, lolz
Love luv or <3
Message (as in a text message) msg
Never mind nm or nvm (depending on context used)
No problem np
No thank you no tnk u, nty, no ty
Not much nm (depending on context used)
Obviously ovvi or obv
Of course ov cors or ofc
Oh My God omg or (comically) zomg
Parents over shoulder pos
parents behind back pbb
Peace pce, pece, or \/ (V sign)
People ppl
Please plz or plez
Probably probz, prbly, prolly, proly, or prob
Really rly
Reals rlz
Right rite
Rolling on the floor laughing (out loud) rofl(ol) or (comically) Roflcopter
Rolling on (the) floor laughing my ass off roflmao or rotflmao
says ses or sez
See you/see you later cya, cu, or cya/cu l8er/l8a
Seriously srsly
Shit outta luck SOL
Something sth, s/t, or sumthin
Son of a bitch sob
Sorry sry
Talk to you later ttyl or t2yl
Ta-ta for now ttfn
Text txt
Text back txt bck or tb
Thanks thanx, thx, tnx, 10Q, or tnx
Thank you ty or "thnk u"
Thank you very much tyvm
Tomorrow tom, 2moz, 2moro, 2mrw or 2mara
To be honest tbh
Welcome back wb
Write back wb
What wat, wut, wht, whaz or wot
Whatever w/e or wateva or watev
What the fuck wtf, wdf (slang)
What the hell wth